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About Crystal St. Marie

Our creative vision is grounded in a holistic approach to fashion, which is embedded in every aspect of our design and production in to every garment. The admiration for aesthetics, history, sacred culture, respect and love for God are part of the DNA of Crystal St. Marie, inherent to production of each unique product.

The imprint in all the Crystal St. Marie collection, has been designed with all the respect and love each image represents, adorned with Swarovski crystals. The collection is limited edition and the imprint won't be the same in the next collection. For us it is important to honor your uniqueness and therefore we have the highest 40 pieces of each imprint and size, which makes it special.

Our designs cater to a sophisticated costumer with an appreciation of a garment's material quality and who is sensitive to its production.

We care about you, all the fabrics of the garments are designed to be worn perfectly outdoors since they provide full UPF 50 protection via lightweight fabrics that won't make you overheat.

The story of each garment is told in the imprint and hand-based methods used in design and production.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE your designs and patterns! They are sooo comfy, appealing and makes us feel special and blessed. God Bless!!

- PS Privette

It was AMAZING!! I LOVE your tops and will tell everyone about them.

- Christina Zoller

Absolutely LOVE your collection! I will be recommending these to everyone!

- Shiva MeAnne Carino Mirando

These are definitely a MUST have! I love to see more colors and styles in the future!

- Alexis Zoller

Collection is amazing! We ordered two blouses one for me and other for my daughter! Highly highly recommend! Ill be ordering another soon!

- Barbara Jackson Cassiliano

Great quality products, excellent service! I will recommend to my friends, family and relatives...

- Marleine Assaf

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